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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Sound of Silence


Sometimes it is a dirty word, a thing better off being swept under the rug.

Sometimes it is hard to talk about, both for the person suffering, and the person trying to help the person they love.

Sometimes it is the darkest and most isolating place you could imagine being trapped.

But it is always better to reach out than suffer alone, or let a loved one suffer for lack of knowing how to help. "Speak" is the mantra for those caught in the horrendous web of despair that depression can weave.

"Speak" is something I want to do. For all those that have suffered and are suffering. I have a in my precious little mind, a novel which I hope one day will speak to those people who might feel they have lost their voice. I intend to write it. And, as a believer in raising awareness, I have set myself a goal to become an ambassador for Beyond Blue ( within 2 years.

Here is a little teaser for my book:

The Sound of Silence

Four people. One song. One tragic link buried in the past is about to resurface. Will history repeat itself? Or does someone have the power to stop it?


Felicity Free is a twenty-something, unlucky in love girl, who tends to march to the beat of her own drum. Struggling to build up her PR consultancy business in her not-so-flourishing North Queensland hometown, Flick seeks business from a wide range of clientele. Excited to take on rising local band Venus Fly Trap, she soon discovers that there is more to the eccentric rock outfit than meets the eye, especially the charismatic young lead singer who has an obsession with performing an old Simon and Garfunkel song that seems to silence his audience every time.

Jack Darling lives for his pub. Set against a spectacular tropical backdrop, the sleek and stylish bar is all Jack has left of his late wife Maggie. But business is hardly booming and Jack is desperate to get more punters through the door to save the dream he and Maggie once had together. When a cute-as-a-button PR consultant and quirky up and coming local band burst onto his radar, it seems as though his prayers have been answered. But things are never as they seem and it isn't long before Jack is suddenly faced with the demons he has had locked away for years.

School teacher Lexie Morgan has everything she ever thought she wanted. Recently relocated to one of the most sought after areas of North Sydney, her husband Andy has been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity as the senior graphic designer for Sydney's leading communications firm. With their two beautiful children and perfect home overlooking the beach, life should have been sweet for the Morgans. Yet for Lexie, the skeletons in her closet have always been lurking in the shadows. Now, with her ever troubled brother in danger of going over the edge, it seems those skeletons are about to be pushed out into the harsh light of day where Lexie can no longer hide from them.

Evan Sykes is a rock star from his hat to the tips of his toes. He has the talent to take him to the moon, but enough troubles to take him to Mars. When playing regular gigs at one of the coolest new revamped venues in town leads to interest from a major record label, Evan believes his troubles are over. Even the prospect of leaving behind his latest fling, PR queen Felicity, and moving to Sydney couldn't dampen his spirits. But all great things must end and a distasterous reunion with his estranged father is about to set Evan on course to repeat a tragedy that his family has already seen before. It is too late to change the past, but for Evan the future is still unwritten. The question is: what future will he write?


Four souls. One song. One sound they've all heard before, about to unravel and stop them in their tracks. A sound so quiet, noone dares speak of it's existence. One which has potentially catastrophic consequences. Dark and unrelenting, it is a sound like no other... The sound of silence.

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